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Files won't stream on Windows 2003 Server IIS6

Please help. I have followed the instructions on http://h264.code-shop.com/trac/wiki/Mod-H264-Streaming-Internet-Information-Services-IIS-Version2 step by step and the video is playing just fine but it is not seeking appropriately.

Here are the screenshots: http://ourcollegeplan.com/Sandbox/videos/new/screenshots.JPG

And here is where I am testing this:


Any help is appreciated, Thank You!

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    Hi Joe,

    Your configuration looks okay. From looking at the response headers, the .mp4 video file isn't processed by the module though.

    Are you running a 32-bit OS?


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      We are on Windows 2003 standard edition SP2. Do we need to restart he box?

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        I don't see anything wrong with your configuration. The only thing I can think of is that the module's handler is not enabled for a specific website.

        Is the 'Application Extension Mapping' that you list in your screenshot applicable to all the websites listed?


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          I only edited the properties (The Home directory tab) for one of the 6 sites on the box. Do I have to edit this for every site?

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            It worked, your a genius. The property has to be edited at the Website level (the Web Sites folder property) not at the individual site level. Once this is done it works like a charm.


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              Crap never mind it didn't work. I was fast forwarding on a video that had already been downloaded and so it obiously was working but jumping to another segment of the movie (streaming) is still now working :-( Any other suggestions?

              Thank You

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    I've been having a similar issue with a client ..... and see from your test links above that you seem to have cracked it. Can you share any assistance? Also running JWplayer on IIS6 on Win2003.

    amr (at) alanmrobertson.net

    Thanks in anticipation.



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