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Licensing the H264 Streaming Module (Version 2)


Non commercial license

Non profit sites that have no ads do not require a commercial license. Of course a donation is always appreciated.

Why buy a license?

If you buy a commercial license, you can use the H264 Streaming Module (version 2) on

  1. A corporate site
  2. A site that has ads
  3. A CMS

Available commercial licenses

The following commercial licenses are available.

1 Website30 Euro
2 Websites60 Euro
3 Websites90 Euro
Premium (up to 50 websites)200 Euro

On a single site license you are limited to a maximum of 5.000.000 video streams per month in aggregate. You have to buy the Premium license if you stream more videos.

If you would like to pay using paypal, please make a selection below and click the buy now button.


If you would to pay by bank transfer and/or would like to receive an invoice, please mail your request and include the following details:

NameYour full name
E-mail AddressYour contact address
License1, 2, 3 or premium
Company DetailsThe name and address of your company
Website(s)The URL of the website that will be using the module