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H264 Streaming With Lighttpd


mod_h264_streaming is based on an already existing lighttpd module (mod_flv_streaming by Jan Kneschke). The basics are very similar and this module allows you to seek in MP4 files.


The module expects a URL which matches h264-streaming.extensions and that can handle a '?start=" part of the request.

TODO: examples (browser/wget)

The information to pass into the ‘start’ parameter is extracted by the flash-player from the meta-data of the mp4-files. Note that you pass it the 'time' field and not the 'offset' field.


You have to make sure that this meta-data is present in the video stream. See Encoding for more information on how to encode videos.

Lighttpd config

server.modules = ( 
h264-streaming.extensions = ( ".mp4" )