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Release notes (version 2)


2009-02 (version 2.1) to be released

  • FreeBSD: added include sys/types.h for off_t
  • Debian: added _LARGEFILE_SOURCE (for fseeko) to nginx config
  • 64bit: changed all %llu/%lld printf format specifiers to PRIu64/PRId64
  • 64bit: changed last ftell to ftello

2009-01 (version 2.0)

  • Added versions for Apache2 and Nginx.
  • MP4/Moov now fully parses and creates the headers. This gives an average saving of 50% of the meta data, improving seek/load times.
  • Added support for reading of extended boxes and 64 bit chunk offsets.
  • Added client check, so for flash clients only one video and one audio stream is returned. Other tracks, like hint tracks, are filtered out as they are not needed.
  • For clients that are not flash (e.g. quicktime player, iphone, vlc) the headers are compressed.
  • Fixed 64 bit overflows in stts that occured in video files with very large time scales.

Wishlist / TODO

  • Support subtitle tracks
  • Support range requests with start/end parameters (for streaming virtual video clips in vlc/quicktime).