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Introduction (version 2)

News (January 2009)

Welcome to version 2.0 of the H264 Streaming Module. Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite. It works with a wider variety of MP4 video files and has faster start/seek times. We have also added support for Apache and Ngingx, next to Lighttpd.

HTTP Pseudo Streaming

Adobe recently announced support for H264 video files in their Flash player. They have done a great job and the good news is that we can have better quality video at lower bitrates. At the same time it allows us to use free software to handle the encoding.

Timeshifting seek

Enable your viewers to immediately jump to any part of the video regardless of the length of the video or whether it has all been downloaded yet.

Virtual video clips

You have really long video clips and you don't want to re-encode them into smaller parts? We also support 'virtual video clips', so you can specify to only playback a part of the video or create download links to specific parts of the video.

Network efficiency

The next version will feature 'bandwidth shaping' allowing you to stream videos and only use the bandwidth required to view the video over the network.

H264 Streaming Module

To support these features we have written a module that runs on your existing Apache/Lighttpd/Nginx? webserver. In a similar way as how Pseudo-Streaming is made possible for FLV files, this plugin makes seeking possible for MP4 files. There is no need to re-encode your MP4 videos.

You can watch the H264 (Pseudo) Streaming Demo. Make sure you have the latest Flash player installed. Grab it from

Available Versions

Pick your webserver and continue to the download and build instructions.

Have a look at the latest release notes to see what has changed.


This version is free if you agree to the noncommercial license. Please mention its use on your website, in the lines of 'This website uses H264 pseudo video streaming technology by CodeShop'.

Our commercial license is very inexpensive, see the following page to check if you need a commercial license.

Flash player supporting H264 Streaming

Encoding videos in H264

See the article Encoding video in H264.

Who is using the plugin?

See this [forum:7 forum] for references.


Feel free to comment or leave a note on our forum.

Thank you

A big thank you goes out to Tinic Uro and the people on the forum for providing the necessary reading, articles and links.